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After a succesful restart of the company through the launch of Stargard Solstice, we have returned back to the drawing table for more game design.

Two games are currently in the making:

"Tolling of the Bell" - Hungary 1945
The game depicts the last German offensive during WWII, ‘Operation Spring Awakening’ and its sub-operations ‘Icebreaker’ and ‘Forrest Devil’. It also includes the start of the Soviet Vienna offensive (from the perspective of the 3rd Ukrainian Front).
This game starts with a German thrust against the depleted Soviet 3rd Ukrainian Front which was holding the Soviet absolute left flank. The German main goals were the Donau crossings and to the incircle of the 57th Soviet and 1st Bulgarian Armies. A secondary target was to create a starting ground for a new Budapest offensive. An even wider stretch was the oilfields at Ploești, Romania.

The rules are developed from the “Stargard Solstice” game released in 2021, making it the 5th game in the WWII Battle Series, all with chit-pull mechanics.

"Mud & Blood" – The Campaign of Lodz 1914.
After the disastrous defeat at Tannenberg in August 1914, Russia redeemed itself by defeating the Austrians in Galicia as well as the Germans in the Ivangorod-Warsaw campaign. Now having proved being able to fight and defeat the Germans, the Emperor Tsar Nikolai, still honoring the agreement with France, wanted to take the battlefield back in to Germany again. This time aiming directly to the heartland of Germany. Silesia.
The Battle of Lodz was to become one of the largest and most complex battles of the maneuver-period of World War 1. Deep operations, flank maneuvers and encirclements under harsh winter conditions made command and control chaotic.
The Game Mud & Blood recreate this setting making it a perfect re-encounter battle where both players need to carefully plan their moves in order not to create a disaster.

Rules are developed from the “Tannenberg 1914” game released in 2011 now forming the Standard Rule System Collision of Empires with chit-pull mechanics.

More news on how to pre-order will be explained on the web site within the next couple of days.

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