About the Company
Göran Björkman
Design and Developer.
Stefan Ekström
Design and Graphics.
Jan Larsson
CFO and 1st Gametester.
Three Crowns Game Productions is a gathering of four friends with over 90 years of game design behind them. Tons of games has been invented, played and enjoyed (and some scrapped as well) over the years.
The company is a product of our dream – to produce high quality games with the primary aim to have a good time and, at the same time, make a buck or two out of it. Our aim – to “always aim for the best” is a good guarantee for anyone buying and playing our games.
The Founding Dudes
Magnus Nordlöf
CEO and Design.
      Three Crowns Games
Guerrilla Print
Guerrilla printing is something quite unique in the gaming industry. The invention is an offspring from our desire to issue more games than we can afford. Down the road we also realized that there was an interest among certain gamers for exclusive and somewhat odd game prints, some that never will reach commercial print (print runs of 100 copies or more). A collectors item...
A typical Guerrilla print is a hand crafted game, where the whole or most parts of the game is printed/ produced in small print shops and in print runs below 100 games per run. The games are for the most assembled, cut, refined, in our own homes. Some of the most critical parts of the production process is handed over to proffessionals however. The games will therefore have a genuine hand crafted feeling to them WITHOUT cutting corners on quality or playability. We put as much time in to testing the Guerilla Prints as any other commercially printed game we do.
We have therefore decided to introduce a concept of marking the Guerrilla games with this logo. The logo, together with the numbering system will clearly show that it is a Guerrilla print and from what batch it comes. A game marked with this logo is a guarantee that it has not been printed in more than 100 copies in the print run.
WWII Battles Series
This serie is now in its 4th game with the release of Stargard Solstice. It is our chip draw games based on WWII eastern front (not written in stone).
Earlier only released as Guerilla Prints, we have now stepped up and done a proffessional print.
Collision Of Empires Series
This is our ongoing second game series. It starts with Tannenberg 1914 and will be based around those rules. The series mainly handles WWI battles and Campaigns.
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