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"Tolling of the Bell" - Hungary 1945
Iskra- Spark of Victory 1943
After numerous attacks on the German bottleneck at Ladoga, desperatly trying to close the gap between the Volkhov Front and the Leningrad Front, Soviet muster for a new assault.
Confident after the great victories at Stalingrad and Velikye-Luki, Soviet, once and for all, try to close the gap and relief Leningrad after being besieged for over 900 days.
The game is starts January 12th 1943 and is 10 turns long, 1 turn being on day.
Even if out numbering the Germans, it is not a cake walk for the Soviet player. And the German player may not sit quiet in the boat. To many fires to put out and Comrades in arms to save.

With the usual rules system of WWII Battle Series, its Special rules, Winning conditions and Events we try to depict this moment in time.
This is Game no 6.
"Mud & Blood" – The Campaign of Lodz 1914.

After the disastrous defeat at Tannenberg in August 1914, Russia redeemed itself by defeating the Austrians in Galicia as well as the Germans in the Ivangorod-Warsaw campaign. Now having proved being able to fight and defeat the Germans, the Emperor Tsar Nikolai, still honoring the agreement with France, wanted to take the battlefield back in to Germany again. This time aiming directly to the heartland of Germany. Silesia. Hindenburg, the German commander of the Eastern Front had other plans. Through timely and accurate intelligence, Hindenburg knew exactly what was in the making, and a plan took form to repeat his crushing victory at the Battle of Tannenberg, by hitting the Russian flank as it moved into Silesia. By yet another masterpiece in logistical planning and execution, the Germans managed to move the reinforced Ninth Army under the command of the later legendary General August von Makensen by 80 trains per day in less than 10 days to a position outside Thorn in order to attack the advancing Russian steamrollers’ right flank.

The Battle of Lodz was to become one of the largest and most complex battles of the maneuver-period of World War 1. Deep operations, flank maneuvers and encirclements under harsh winter conditions made command and control chaotic.
The Game Mud & Blood recreate this setting making it a perfect re-encounter battle where both players need to carefully plan their moves in order not to create a disaster.

-Rules and mechanics
Rules are developed from the “Tannenberg 1914” game released in 2010 now forming the Standard Rule System Collision of Empires with chit-pull mechanics.
-Game components
A full color map A1 size, Standard rules, Game specific rules, 143 15mm counters and game aids with charts and tables.
-Planned release date: Q4 2021

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